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Buy the New HellBringers Game Decks HERE!!!

Buy the New HellBringers Game Decks HERE!!!

Buy the New HellBringers Game Decks HERE!!!Buy the New HellBringers Game Decks HERE!!!Buy the New HellBringers Game Decks HERE!!!


Demon Form Lilith

Our story so far...


 The Backstory for Set 1


In the beginning there was darkness, all-encompassing, complete darkness. A black hole that hungered to consume everything. This darkness is called Demogargono. But there was also light, glimmering and blinding, known to man as God. Existing separate from each other until by chance, or fate, they collided stealing energy from each other creating a new existence. Life blossomed, evolved, and thrived. Like two sides of a coin the light and dark coexisted and influenced man. As time went by the light created Hell as a means to quarantine evil caused by the darkness. Lucifer’s fight with God and his ultimate exile resulted in his right to rule Hell. 

Lucifer enjoyed his rule for a millennia until he started to sense the rise in darkness and the existence of Demogargono. After having visions of Demogargono he experienced fear for the first time and left the Golden Bastille in Hell to go into hiding. With his absences many saw the opportunity to seize the power of Hell and three factions were formed. The order of the Devil lead by Belial, seeks to preserve Lucifer’s rule for his eventual return, maintaining the power structures as they are. The Council of Hate consists of the armies and legions of hell, military class demons, ruled by Beelzebub. The Council of Hate seeks to bring order to the chaos of Hell no matter the cost, but they also want to destroy Lucifer’s legacy and shift the balance of power. The Horde are the embodiment of chaos and pandemonium. They are ruthless, mindless demons who want to overrun Hell and destroy everything in their path. Astaroth is the only one that can control them and keep their bedlam at bay.  Baal, a powerful sorcerer, and second in command of the Horde, turns on Astaroth and casts a spell banishing him to another dimension.

 Lilith, the queen of Hell and estranged wife of Lucifer, senses that Astaroth has vanished and she fears the Horde will over run Hell with Baal at the helm. She finds Baal and challenges him to a battle to the death and wins. By doing so she left the Horde with no leaders, in turn granting them greater power and increasing Demogargono’s grip on the world. Lilith could travel through dimensions but she could not sense or locate Astaroth from Baal's spell.  In that moment, Demogargono’s presence strengthened and Lilith is seized by the same visions that Lucifer suffered. In effort to preserve Hell and stop Demogargano from destroying everything, she forms the HellBringers. They are a rag tag group of demons, men, creatures, mercenaries, wizards, cyborgs, and the most bad ass pug ever. They are tasked with stopping Demogargano and raising a little hell along the way.  (The story continues in HelllBringers #0, which can be found in the Art of Mark May Volume 1) 

  The Backstory for Set 2

"Out of the Ashes"

 With Demogargono defeated the remaining factions of Hell seek a ruler to pull them together as one and stop the all out chaos and wars across every one of the realms of Hell.   The Deceiver of all the deceivers is all too happy to answer the calling, and he's not just gaining allies but stealing the HellBringers allies as well. Octto Von Wolfinwings has found the black poision left from the ashes of the now defeated Demogargono.   He finds a way to inject the black power in his veins. Lilith's worst fears happen as she becomes her worst nightmare becoming feral and back to her demon form leaving the HellBringers without direction and a leader. A new leader of the HellBringers will rise.  The explanation for how tortured and damned souls have become free from their chains and how cryptocreatures came to exist is now explained in this set.  Heroes will become villains, villains will become anti- heroes, and with Lucifer still in hiding, anything can happen and everyone wants the seize power for the realms of Hell, themselves.